Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday, September 28th


1. We heard student presentations on Irish literature and culture.

2. Partners considered these three questions:
A) What kinds of paralysis exist in these two stories?
B) Each story ends with someone crying - what's the difference?
C) What do these specific characters' stories seem to represent about their societies? What issues do they bring to the forefront?

3. Everyone wrote a thesis relating to one or both of the stories, and then discussed them with a new partner, finding evidence to support the thesis and possible evidence against it.
Example Thesis: Joyce uses Little Chandler's doomed ambitions to explore the idea that Irish literature has become stereotyped in Academia.

4. We started work on short stories, completing a character workshop. You should print the assignment, complete the workshop, and start working on your story. Your first draft will be due next Monday. Find the assignment here:

HW: Read "The Boarding House" and "A Mother." Work on your short story.

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