Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 29th


1. We looked carefully at Othello's speech to the senate in Act I. We listened to several actor's versions of it, translated it into modern English, and then practiced analyzing lines from it as if we were doing an I.B. passage analysis.

2. We went to the computer lab to write responses to our partners' work in Kentucky. You need to find your partner and write a one paragraph comment for each of the top two pieces in his/her portfolio. These comments should be written in Microsoft word first, then printed to turn in to me. Then cut and paste them into the "Comments" section listed under each blog entry. Put the paragraph that fits the piece into the appropriate comment area. Just click "comments", paste your comment, sign your name, and then go through the steps of giving your i.d. and verifying a word.

HW: First blog check is this weekend - everyone must have their first two pieces posted. This check is worth 50 points. Also, read Act II.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Monday, October 26th

Happy week before Halloween!

Today, we introduced Othello in the following ways...

1. Reflective Writing: Write about the worst thing that a close friend has ever done to you. If no one has ever betrayed you, write a fictional story.

2. Partner discussion: What makes a villain a villain? List all the most famous villains from movies and books and then consider, what characteristics do these villains share? What makes them so frightening/evil?

3. Dramatic Reading: the first part of Act I

HW: read Act I of Othello

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wednesday, October 21st


1. The graffiti project was due

2. We took an in-class essay (you must arrange a 60 minute block to make it up)

3. Read and admired the short stories and then turned them in

4. Collected the Dubliners books - please get yours to me ASAP so that I can pass it along to the next class

5. HW: Remember you need to make 2 significant piece posts by October 31st

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, October 19th

Today, we...

1. Worked on a graffiti project for Ireland - due Wednesday. The assignment sheet involves relevant images that I cannot upload to Google Docs, so please drop by to pick it up.

2. Had our final discussion of Dubliners.

For Wed: Bring your book for the in-class essay and a hard final copy of your short story. Also, pick up and do the graffiti assignment from class.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday, October 14th

Today, we...

1. Discussed "On Being Asked for A War Poem." In particular, we considered the questions - can writers influence or change history? Can history influence or change writers?

2. Went to the computer lab to work on the portfolios. Remember you should have two major pieces posted by the end of October, as well as any extras you may wish to include for the first portfolio check. Your intro and photo should be in the upper right, your sources cited (as necessary) should be in a text box on the sidebar, and you should be using labels to organize your pieces. Also, everyone should be using English as their blog language - you can switch to English on your sign-in page in the upper right corner.

HW: Read "A Painful Case" and "The Dead." Write five questions for our final discussion on Irish literature/culture/history, three of which should relate to "The Dead."

Next Wednesday - short stories are due, in-class essay will take place

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday, October 12th

The Troubles Video Collage

Today, we...

1. Heard the final presentations - focusing on Dublin, Yeats and The Troubles. (The video above comes from Roman and Mihaela's presentation on The Troubles)

2. Took a quiz. This one can't be made up, as it won't be a pop quiz for you any longer, so it just won't count toward your grade if you were absent.

3. Worked on Paralysis Theme Charts for a future essay on Dubliners. You need to print and fill out this worksheet for Wednesday. Find it here.

HW: Read Yeats poems (find them here) and make 5 annotations on each, plus complete the Dubliners theme chart

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wednesday, October 7th

Today we...

1. Discussed Seamus Heaney's Poems: Act of Union, Digging, Follower, Bogland

2. Went to the Computer Lab for a Portfolio Workshop - Check out our class blog sidebar for a reminder of what the portfolio requirements are. You should post your first piece in the next two weeks - a college essay, a 400 word free paper, poems, a short story, a book review... You should also be sure you have a sidebar photo with at least a 100 word caption describing yourself. Finally, all blogs should use English as their language of choice. When you sign in, you can choose your language in the upper righthand corner.

Your Kentucky partners are just starting to post their portfolio links on their class page. I have linked their page from ours - again, check out the sidebar on our class blog.

HW: read "Counterparts", "Grace", "After the Race", work on your short story

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, October 5th

Today, we...

1. Heard presentations about Seamus Heaney, the I.R.A., and Irish Art. Do a bit of web research to familiarize yourself with the first two. If you were supposed to present today, be sure to talk to me when you get back to reschedule, unless you and your partner worked together and he/she presented for the both of you.

2. Did a short story editing workshop. Your short story draft should be 1-2 pages at this point. Consider trading with a friend to get some feedback.

3. Discussed the poem "Casualty" and the historical event of Bloody Sunday. Read what we read here:

4. Divided into groups, all of which will present back on a poem come Wednesday. You should just bring the Heaney poems with your annotations and listen to these presentations.

HW: B3 needs to do the I.B. passage analysis worksheet I passed out last Wed. on the passage of your choice (if you haven't already), everyone needs to send yourself (on e-mail, network, etc.) some of your writing to work on Wednesday when we go to the lab. Ideally you will post your first piece to your portfolio on Wednesday - a short story, a poem, a college essay, a 400 word paper, a book review, etc...