Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, October 5th

Today, we...

1. Heard presentations about Seamus Heaney, the I.R.A., and Irish Art. Do a bit of web research to familiarize yourself with the first two. If you were supposed to present today, be sure to talk to me when you get back to reschedule, unless you and your partner worked together and he/she presented for the both of you.

2. Did a short story editing workshop. Your short story draft should be 1-2 pages at this point. Consider trading with a friend to get some feedback.

3. Discussed the poem "Casualty" and the historical event of Bloody Sunday. Read what we read here:

4. Divided into groups, all of which will present back on a poem come Wednesday. You should just bring the Heaney poems with your annotations and listen to these presentations.

HW: B3 needs to do the I.B. passage analysis worksheet I passed out last Wed. on the passage of your choice (if you haven't already), everyone needs to send yourself (on e-mail, network, etc.) some of your writing to work on Wednesday when we go to the lab. Ideally you will post your first piece to your portfolio on Wednesday - a short story, a poem, a college essay, a 400 word paper, a book review, etc...

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