Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 29th


1. We looked carefully at Othello's speech to the senate in Act I. We listened to several actor's versions of it, translated it into modern English, and then practiced analyzing lines from it as if we were doing an I.B. passage analysis.

2. We went to the computer lab to write responses to our partners' work in Kentucky. You need to find your partner and write a one paragraph comment for each of the top two pieces in his/her portfolio. These comments should be written in Microsoft word first, then printed to turn in to me. Then cut and paste them into the "Comments" section listed under each blog entry. Put the paragraph that fits the piece into the appropriate comment area. Just click "comments", paste your comment, sign your name, and then go through the steps of giving your i.d. and verifying a word.

HW: First blog check is this weekend - everyone must have their first two pieces posted. This check is worth 50 points. Also, read Act II.

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