Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday, January 4th

Happy New Year!

We started today with some housekeeping items:

New Seating Chart until second semester
Othello Papers Back (finally, phew!)
Reminders: BRING YOUR BOOK AND NOTEBOOK TO CLASS, mark your absent work "absent" so I know it isn't just late
Announcement: Please clean up your garbage and push in your chairs before leaving class. I am doing a lot of cleaning up after you and I shouldn't have to.

And then we...
1. Did an "open mind" exercise for the characters of Guitar, Milkman, Macon Sr., Ruth, Hagar, and Pilate
2. Had a graded Harkness
3. Went to the computer lab to do final responses for partners in Kentucky. You need to write a paragraph comment to your partner if they have posted any new work, otherwise you need to write for the person ABOVE you in the blog links. Print this out and turn it in on Wednesday as well as posting it.

Portfolios will be due Jan. 25th, but anyone turning them in by Jan. 15th will receive 2 free points on the assignment (not to exceed a 100% score). Simply write me an e-mail to let me know when your portfolio is done.

HW: print comment paragraph, read p.p. 187-216, current event article relating to a theme from Song of Solomon + paragraph showing how they relate

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