Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wednesday, January 27th

The countdown to the final begins now (1 more class day next Monday).

Today, we...

1. Watched any and all remaining performances of the Song of Solomon mini-versions
2. Split into groups to create review questions on the four texts the final will cover (Poetry, Dubliners, Othello, and Song of Solomon)
3. Played Jeopardy with the review questions
4. Discussed the most common paper-writing errors of the semester so far that you can NOT make them next week

HW: STUDY! Especially look over poetry and Dubliners as we studied those longest ago.

Poems you could possibly draw on the final: "Act of Union", "Questions of Travel", "Easter, 1916", "On Being Asked for a War Poem", "Edge", "Mirror"

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