Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monday, February 5th

Today, we...

1. Took a reading quiz

2. Did small group discussion. Find the questions here - complete them for Wednesday.

3. Did an activity series (choose 4 of the following 6 to turn in on Wednesday)

A) Write a paragraph explaining what you consider to be Blanche’s Greatest Fear.

B) Choose a hero/heroine for Stella, Stanley, and Blanche. Explain the connection.

C) Design Blanche or Mitch’s Online dating profile (background, favorite books, favorite movie, looking for…)

D) Choose the quotation you consider most significant from the play so far and explain why.

E) Sketch the set during the poker game.

F) Write a dialogue between Stella and an advice-giving radio or television show host

HW: Scenes 7-11

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