Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday, Feb. 17th (and next week)

Today, we...

1. Acted mini-scenes from the play
2. Had a Harkness discussion about the play as a whole, now that we've finished it
3. Worked on independent projects

HW: write a one page double spaced character analysis paper on the character of your choice. Your paper SHOULD have a thesis. Make a statement about a character and defend it with text. This short analysis will be due on Monday.

NEXT WEEK - I will be gone interviewing in the United States and you will have a substitute teacher. You'll be meeting in the Abbott projector room to watch A Streetcar Named Desire both days. Your Monday sub will collect your character analysis papers and also give you a handout describing a short film analysis paper that will be due Monday, March 1st.

Monday of next week - watch film the entire time (take notes for your film analysis paper)
HW: none

Wednesday of next week - finish film, then discuss it in small groups
HW: complete film analysis paper for March 1st

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