Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, March 29th

Today, we...

1. Examined the character motivations for: Lopakhin, Dunyasha, Ephikhodof, Firs, Anya, Madame Ranevsky, Barbara, Gayef, and Trophimov. What do they want? What do they not want?

2. Did a short writing exercise which you need to make up. Write or type 3/4 page on these questions, including a quotation in your response. How does this time of transition for one family represent a time of transition for Russia? Which characters represent which social groups/forces?

3. Chose one activity to complete (10 points) from The Cherry Menu. Print this handout for future use, and complete one activity for Wednesday.

HW: Act II, Activity from the menu, Independent Project

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