Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday, March 31st

Today, we...

1. Started by doing an I.B. practice for the drama question portion of the exam. Sit down and write for 40 minutes on one of these two questions. Turn it in when you get back (10 points).

A) Dramatic works often explore some kind of transition – historical, personal or cultural. Explore the idea of transition in 2-3 of the dramatic works you have read this semester.

B) Love is a powerful motivation. In the plays we read this semester, many characters make decisions based on love, whether for good or ill. Choose 3 characters from 2-3 different works and discuss the way love impacts their roles in their respective dramas. How does love become a powerful force in shaping the action of these plays?

2. Discussed Act II of the Cherry Orchard, paying close attention to the characters of Charlotte, Trophimov, and Madame Ranevsky.


Have a nice break!

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