Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday, Nov. 30

2 new blog pieces due today - most of you did a wonderful job.

In class...

1. We discussed the film "O."
2. We practiced using the I.B. rubric to grade the passage analysis papers.
3. I collected the copies of Othello (bring yours ASAP) and passed out Song of Solomon (come get yours and sign up for it ASAP).
4. We discussed the meaning behind our names, in preparation for the symbolic names in the book.
5. We looked at the first sentence of the book (read the introduction for Toni Morrison's comments on this important first line).

HW: read pages 1-30 + research your allusion (find the assignment here)

Absent students/allusion assignments:
Evilian: Folklore / Myth of Flying Africans
Maria: Jim Crow
Vladimir: Jim Crow
Roman: Racial Profiling

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