Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wednesday, November 4th

Today we...

1. Had a reading quiz. You cannot make this up, it neither hurts nor helps your grade.

2. Worked on a scavenger hunt for quotations. You need to find and copy lines from Othello that demonstrate these literary devices: dramatic irony, foreshadowing and a soliloquy that reveals evil. You also need to find and copy lines that reveal these character traits: Othello has been shaped by violence, Iago uses other people, Desdemona has a complete trust in Othello. Please turn this in to me when you return.

3. Worked on writing support paragraphs for a paper based on the idea that Iago is a perfect villain. Everyone had 30 minutes to write. We discussed the logical flow of a support paragraph: main point, transition, introduce situation of the quote, quote, analyze the quote to prove the main point. You should write a minimum of one page/two support paragraphs just as we did in class, and turn this in to me when you return.

HW: Act IV + find and bring in a news article somehow related to a theme from Othello, along with a paragraph explaining how the two are related

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