Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, November 23rd


1. We did an editing workshop on the drafts. If you were absent, you need to exchange with someone to get feedback. These are the questions we used:

A) Does the thesis tie the different categories together effectively? Does it take a specific stance?

B) So far, has the author done a good job of including plenty of quotes to prove his/her points? Are longer quotes introduced with quotation sandwiches? Are there also some shorter quotes just to demonstrate small points?

C) Is anything confusing that needs to be explained further?

D) Simplify / Cut Clutter – help your partner by suggesting alternate word choices for clarity or by cutting extra words

E) Which is the strongest part so far? Copy 1-3 lines and sign your name.

FINAL PAPER – 2 double spaced pages, original title, due upon return from Thanksgiving break.

2. Watched some clips on youtube of past Othello performances. Find them:
Here, here, here, and here.

HW: Final Draft + 2 pieces posted for the Monday after break (no homework for Wednesday)

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